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Series – The technological ecosystem in a manufacturing environment

By Marc-Antoine Boisvert – March 2024

Having spent a good part of my career in manufacturing environments, I’ve been able to identify various recurring challenges linked to technological ecosystems. With the advent of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, several new technologies have emerged in recent years. Some organizations have rushed headlong into these opportunities, while others have been more hesitant to follow suit.

Confusing this trend ?

The transition to digital in the manufacturing sector can arouse great interest, but also anxiety among business leaders. Subsidy programs are generous and sometimes complex to implement, and companies offering their services are multiplying. It’s essential not to succumb to the pressure of time, at the risk of rushing into solutions that could ultimately lead to failure. Before taking the plunge, or entrusting the task to external experts, I believe it’s important to master a few key concepts.

series on key concepts

I’m proposing a series of blogs designed to familiarize you with the different resources, skills and technologies you can put in place to make concrete, rapid gains without creating chaos in your organization. The main objective must remain to increase your productivity and make your investments profitable.

1st blog : The technological ecosystem in a manufacturing environment – The role of IT/OT stakeholders

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