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KuriosIT was previously operated under the name Hypershell, then Hypershell Technologies.


In its first years, HyperShell developed a number of industrial and management software applications, including High Productivity Management for Autocad (HPMCAD) and FTemps management software. Thanks to its cutting-edge expertise, HyperShell quickly made a name for itself, producing a number of customized software applications for some of North America’s largest corporations.

Over the years, HyperShell structured its operations into three divisions:

  • Consultants : Mechanical and civil engineering experts offering engineering services
  • Industry : Drafters specialized in the design of layout and detail drawings
  • Technologies : A team of experts enhancing the proposals of the other divisions with software tools and also by providing customized development services to customers


GCM Consultants, a Montreal-based consulting engineering firm describing itself as a “one-stop shop” for technology engineering, acquires HyperShell’s three divisions.


The Hypershell Technologie division redefines its strategic vision and becomes KuriosIT, a full-fledged subsidiary of GCM Consultants. KuriosIT aims to make its mark on the industrial sector with its team of technology enthusiasts.

Our Mission

Proud of our extensive knowledge of the industrial sector, we are the industry’s preferred partner for the implementation of software solutions and technology infrastructure.

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We build long-term, trust-based relationships by deploying concrete solutions tailored to our customers’ operating context.

Our Vision

Making our mark in the industrial sector thanks to our team of technology enthusiasts.

Our values

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Our thoughts, words and attitude are in harmony because we are true to ourselves and to others.

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We are committed to understanding our customers’ realities (expectations, challenges, desires) in order to develop a distinctive value proposition based on trust and loyalty. ​​​

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We are flexible and responsive to change and challenges, constantly seeking to improve and adapt to the new realities of our customers and technology.

Our Involvement

We’re proud to participate in and support Technos Drinks, an initiative by and for technology enthusiasts in the Eastern Townships.

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