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Digital ecosystem specialists in the industrial and manufacturing sectors

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We are specialists in the digital ecosystem for the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Our focus is on fast, concrete, tailor-made solutions, rather than turnkey ones. We firmly believe the key to tackling major challenges often lies in a range of solutions, and that opportunities arise when we broaden our perspective.

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Over 30 years of expertise

KuriosIT, previously operating as Hypershell Technologies, has made its mark in the development of industrial applications, especially by supporting engineering and drafting departments.

These days, Industry 4.0 and industrial IT have become a must-have, and we aspire to make our mark on the industrial sector thanks to our passionate team.

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Happy Planet

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Smart Label Printing

At Happy Planet (Earth’s Own), we developed a smart tag printing station. This application is monitoring the packaging of 4 production lines in real time by printing the labels of each completed pallet. It’s also possible to locate pallets using a QR code on the label, and to generate a production report for each batch.


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ETO Global Coordination System

For the G.E. Power division, we developed a global system for coordinating engineering and production (multiuser / multisite) in an engineering-to-order (ETO) mode. The components of this system are, among others, an AutoCAD extension to help them design and manipulate their products as well as a simulator to help them replicate equipment constraints on the production floor.



Production Support System

Together with the production team at Tremcar, we developed a software solution that centralizes information from the ERP, the drawing vault and various working documents so that the right people have the right up-to-date information at the right time to work efficiently.

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Beyond Digital Solutions

As a subsidiary of GCM Consultants and a partner of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, KuriosIT can offer you a wide range of engineering solutions.

  • Operational excellence
  • Drawings and design
  • Engineering services
  • Staff recruitment and placement
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