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If your passion is contagious, your future is Kurios

At KuriosIT, you’ll be part of a dynamic team where your professional fulfillment will be at the heart of our concerns.

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At KuriosIT, you will find a stimulating professional experience in a caring and dynamic environment.
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Dynamic Environment

At KuriosIT, we offer a rewarding experience in a young and dynamic environment, where communication and teamwork are strongly encouraged. You will have the opportunity to work on interesting projects with a wide variety of technologies, collaborating with various customers.

Freedom and Autonomy

We believe in technological freedom, giving every employee the opportunity to get involved at every stage of solution implementation. Your contribution will be valued, and you’ll be able to develop your skills in an environment conducive to creativity.

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Respectful Climate

Our managers are open and transparent, clearly explaining their objectives and keeping the team informed of project progress. Your opinions and needs will be listened to and taken into account to foster a fulfilling work environment.

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Employee Benefits

We value your dedication and offer various benefits, such as a group REER, group insurance and year-end bonuses, in recognition of your hard work and commitment.

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Flexibility is essential at KuriosIT! That’s why we’ve set up a structure adapted to teleworking. Every employee has a laptop with two screens and a reliable docking station, to provide an environment conducive to productivity and comfort.

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We understand the importance of work-life balance. That’s why we offer flexible working hours and floating holidays to help you manage your work and family commitments.

Finally, we actively encourage exchanges and knowledge-sharing between our teams. Round tables, monthly meetings and «lunch and learn» sessions are organized to encourage continuous learning and support between specialists, notably through code review sessions.

We look forward to working with you and taking our company to new heights together.

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